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Game Keys recommends Nyxx as Top Steam Game in May

GameKeys has just recommended Nyxx as one of the top steam games to play in May 2020. Top Steam Game to Look out for in May 2020

Big shoutout to GameKeys for featuring Nyxx, thank you!

Nyxx – Watch Stage 3

You can now watch Daniel playing the full Stage 3 of the full game on Youtube. For a perfect score, you would have to skip bombing entirely, as well as chain the whole level. Nevertheless a good run.

Nyxx Soundtrack released

Hi everyone, we’re proud to annouce that the Original Soundtrack for Nyxx has been released today. You can hear the full album on Spotify and all other major platforms.

Felix also co-created the soundtrack to Unrailed! and has several other projects going on.

Nyxx release on May 8, 2020

Hello world! We are proud to announce that Nyxx is coming to steam on May 8.

NYXX is a classic indie bullet hell shoot em up. Select one of three ships and fight the opposed mechanized forces of evil. Original drum’n’bass soundtrack.

Watch the trailer here





  • Three different player ship with each two firing modes
  • 2-player local Multiplayer mode
  • Extensive scoring mechanics
  • Native Controller Support
  • Four difficulties from easy to almost impossible
  • Focus mode: slower movement for better bullet dodging
  • Bursts: Pick up enough power to clear the screen with one enourmous shot.
  • Scanlines, for those who want that extra old-school, tubey feeling.

Scoring mechanics:

  • Chaining
  • Grazing
  • Point Blanking
  • Bonus for No hit and No Bomb
  • Bonus the longer enemies are kept alive
  • Boss milk bonuses

New features for the Steam Release include:

  • New Original Soundtrack
  • Improved sound effects
  • Redesigned bullet sprites for better visual readability
  • Longer Invulnerability
  • Visible Hitbox on Focus
  • Improved sound effects

Check it out on our steam page:

Nyxx on Steam

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