Nyxx release on May 8, 2020

Hello world! We are proud to announce that Nyxx is coming to steam on May 8.

NYXX is a classic indie bullet hell shoot em up. Select one of three ships and fight the opposed mechanized forces of evil. Original drum’n’bass soundtrack.

Watch the trailer here





  • Three different player ship with each two firing modes
  • 2-player local Multiplayer mode
  • Extensive scoring mechanics
  • Native Controller Support
  • Four difficulties from easy to almost impossible
  • Focus mode: slower movement for better bullet dodging
  • Bursts: Pick up enough power to clear the screen with one enourmous shot.
  • Scanlines, for those who want that extra old-school, tubey feeling.

Scoring mechanics:

  • Chaining
  • Grazing
  • Point Blanking
  • Bonus for No hit and No Bomb
  • Bonus the longer enemies are kept alive
  • Boss milk bonuses

New features for the Steam Release include:

  • New Original Soundtrack
  • Improved sound effects
  • Redesigned bullet sprites for better visual readability
  • Longer Invulnerability
  • Visible Hitbox on Focus
  • Improved sound effects

Check it out on our steam page:

Nyxx on Steam

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